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pikesville, randallstown area. down to ellicott city. that's headed off to the north and northeast. you see heavy downpours there. and northeast of the city, we've had a few more showers develop around the bel air area. moving to the northeast. in between a bit of a break. you phobes from butler, jacksonville, cockeysville, towson. that is moving in your general direction. we are definitely in a very warm humid pattern with scatter storms across the region. temperature-wise, if you're in the shower area, you probably dropped in the 70s. otherwise, at last report, we were still in the low 80s. tim is live, i believe, somewhere down at the aquarium, with a look at what is happening for the next 24 hours. same things we have seen today. tim? >> reporter: well, definitely, you know, it's gotten dark and breezy. but this is the second or third time we've gone through this phase. we'll show you the week mobile weather lab. we have been watching the temperature fluctuate a little bit. we're at 83 with the dew point very high. keeps going up.
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73. so it's very tropical out here. the heat index now, at 89 degrees. that's down from a little bit early of about 93 or so. and the wins have picked up. now at just around 10 to 15 miles per hour at times. now, we are expecting that these showers are going to stay with us in the afternoon. jet stream is well to the north. allowing for the southwest wind of south -- or warm, humid air to move on across the region. it's going to continue to build. and of course, these dew points and the moisture fuel the thunderstorms. so it's going to feel very tropical. thunderstorms are almost a foregone conclusion for this evening. we do have a lot going on down here. bb king or -- we have jay z and justin timberlake. we have otekon here. and the black tipped reef aquarium here. we'll keep you posted. look like storms are starting to move into the region. we'll continue to keep you posted. for now, we are throwing it back inside.
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>> we have bob turk and tim williams on the scene as well. thank you. murdermurder-for-hire trial. a whitemarsh woman takes the stand in her own defense. karla porter said she had to have her husband killed before he killed her. william raymond porter was shot at the gas station he owned in 2010. derek valcourt was in the courtroom when karla porter testified. >> she broke down in tears after she said she suffered years of beating, lived in constant terror, and couldn't take it anymore. she asked three other people for help to kill her husband, before one of them finally carried out the plan. >> have you ever seen him before? >> no. >> reporter: during her videotaped police interrogation, karla porter repeatedly lied about her involvement in the murder of her husband ray, at first, blaming a robber. but eventually, she confessed to planning his asays
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sassination -- assassination. >> i just wanted somebody to hit him. i didn't want any of this to happen. i really didn't. >> what happened, karla? >> he was just being really mean. >> reporter: porter now admits she enlisted the help of several people, including members of her family, including hitman robert bishop to kill her husband at this joppa gas station the couple owned together. >> everybody said what a wonderful man he was. and i didn't want you to know that he did hit me sometimes. >> reporter: karla porter took the stand thursday to detail years of physical and verb will a -- verbal abuse she said she suffered at the hands of her husband. she said he punched and shoved her, threw things at her, slammed her head and even pulled a gun to the head and threatened to kill her. she said, it was getting so bad, i knew that ray was going to kill me. i just wanted to kill him first. >> reporter: ray and karla porter's daughter took the stand today, to testify that she witnessed her father verbally abusing her mother.
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prosecutors making it a point to say that karla porter's daughter had a very close relationship. also suggesting that karla porter was making up the stories of physical abuse. testimony continues tomorrow. derek valcourt, wjz eyewitness news. >> the other five defendants in the murder-for-fire scheme are already serving prison sentences. the two men who died after their catamaran capsized over the coast of ocean city. >> the two men who died are both from maryland. the coast guard identifies the men as 57-year-old william gogo of baltimore. and 53-year-old. their catamaran capsized. their bodies were recovered. two are the men survived that. they are not being identified, though, at this time. denise, back to you. >> all right. thank you, mary. the coast guard says an investigation into the accident
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is active and ongoing. >> reporter: a baltimore county apartment building has been deemed safe, following a possible hazmat situation. sky eye chopper 13 over the scene at chapel manor apartments in nottingham. baltimore fire officials say they received a call about 4:00, about an unknown substance in a mailbox. several residents exited the building. ultimately, no dangerous substance was found. hard to believe that it's been almost a year since shots rang out inside a baltimore county high school, critically injuring a student. school leaders are reassuring students and parents their schools are safe. rochelle ritchie is live with more on the new safety measures. rochelle? >> reporter: unfortunately, guns have found their ways into schools across the country. and baltimore county is no exception. that's why they spend millions of dollars to keep guns out and kids safe. >> reporter: on the first day of school last year, shots rang out at perry hall high school. >> first gunshot windy off. -- went off.
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and nobody knew what it was. and i turned around and saw him standing there, holding the shotgun. >> reporter: the gunman, robert gladden, jr. his victim, daniel borowy. principal george roberts says they are not taking any chances. >> we have two school resource officers who have the capability to, if we need them to, to wand the students if we feel there is something on them. >> reporter: baltimore spent $3.7 million to install new security measures like this monitoring system that will be in effect the first day of school. >> reporter: perry hall high school, as well as other schools across the county have a new buzzer system and mandatory check-in procedure and with visitors to the school, have their ids scanned. >> by the first day of school, everything will be more comfortable. >> reporter: school administrators say gun safety starts at home. >> absolutely imperative that those guns are secured and locked up. >> reporter: the guns used by gladden in the shooting taken by his father, was not secured
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in a safe. >> social media is also crucial. gladden wrote, first day of school, last day of my life, and admire the shooters at columbine. >> every responsibility i had before, i think, is heightened for me now. >> right now, robert gladden is serving a 35-year prison sentence. >> okay, rochelle. thank you. the first day of school in baltimore county is august 26th. the state of maryland. that's a big increase in gambling revenue. maryland lottery officials say the state brought in nearly $830 million in lottery and casino revenues last year. officials say that's a 27% increase. thanks in part to expanded gambling, allowed at gambling casinos. the money will go to the state's general fund and a trust fund for education. an exciting day at the
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inner harbor. the world's largest production, jessica kartalija is live with more on what makes this exhibit special. >> reporter: well, there are 700 different animals here at black tip reef at the national aquarium. and 65 different species. 20 different sharks. and one day of total excitement. ♪ [ music ] >> five, four, three, two, one. >> reporter: the mayor and aquarium ceo float into shark- infested water for the official ribbon cutting. >> it warms my heart. i'm excited to be here. >> black-tipped reef is really one of the first major enhancements. and it felt right to do it on our birthday, our 32nd arn versary. >> reporter: the -- anniversary. >> reporter: it is full of color, light, and movement.
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right in the heart of national aquarium. >> seeing it looking so beautiful is a nice edition. >> that's crush. >> that is crush, isn't it? >> reporter: the new exhibit is home to a 518-pound sea turtle. sharks, sting rays, and hundreds of brightly-colored fish, from australian and indonesian water. >> it's kind of exciting for us to be able to see all of this. and see all of the -- oh, my goodness, anna. >> reporter: the 260,000 gallon indoor salt water tank is a coral-filled exhibit, an exabt replica. ino- -- indo-pacific reef. the staff spent months preparing replicas and painting them the same hue you might find in the great deep. >> reporter: as i mentioned, there are 20 black-tipped smashes here. we're told they will grow as large as 5 to 6 feet. here at the national aquarium,
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i'm jessica kartalija, wjz eyewitness news. >> the aquarium has ray separate atlantic exhibition that has been going on for more than a decade. getting ready for football. in just over an hour. the ravens kick off the preseason against the buccaneers in tampa. sports director mark viviano has more on watch in tonight's game. august the month for the nfl dress rehearsal. the schedule of preseason games that don't count. but coaches will tell you, they do matter. in terms of teams getting prepared for the real games. >> reporter: with the nfl preaching a renewed emphasis on safety, there's very little contact during training camp. players look forward to playing a few preseason games, so they can hit something other than a blocking sled and something that more closely resembles real football. >> the first game is to get out there. hopefully have a good couple of
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series and be very polished in all of that and prove that the train suggest paying off. >> reporter: preseason is kind of a proving ground. and the preseason games give them another chance to get noticed. >> it all goes in there. the games being the most important aspect of it. practices are very important. you have to be able to move that you've got staying power. you have to prove that you're not a one-hit kind of guy. >> reporter: most veterans play very little in the preseason games. but the rookies are raring to go, even if the practice games don't count. >> i'm very excite. this being my first professional game, so to speak. i'm looking forward to putting it all tell together out here. we have been pray-- practicing days in and days out. looking forward to getting in front. a crowd. >> one week from tonight is the first home preseason game when the atlanta falcons come to baltimore. more on the ranks coming up a little later on in sports.
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denise? >> here comes excitement. thank you, mark. defending super bowl champs kick off the regular 18 on the road, september 5th, against the denver broncos. >> i'll bet there will be some people from baltimore heading out to denver. >> i think so. still to in. raging wildfires. the latest on the efforts out west to contain big fire, taking over parts of california. maryland aid workers trapped in kenya, after a massive airport fire. i'm mary bubala. the latest on efforts to bring them home. i'm alex demetrick. coming up. a murder hidden for 21 years. now, the killer learns his sentence. that story as eyewitness news continues. and taking a live look outside. showers. maybe even a storm on the way. your first warning weather forecast is coming up. ,,,,,,,,
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it is 76 degrees. with showers and thunderstorms in much of the region now. the complete first warning weather forecast is coming up. sentenced. a howard county man gets the maximum 30-year prison sentence for killing his wife and burying her body under a shed. alex demetrick reports, it is a crime that went unsolved for two decades. >> bobby jarrett, jr., carried photos of his mom, himself. he was 10 years old when christine jarrett went missing in 1991. 21 years later, police found her body, buried under floor
6:16 pm
boards and concrete in the back shed. his father was convicted of second-degree murder in what the jury viewed as an unplanned act of rage. at sentencing, the judge told the judge, when my father took my mother's life, he murdered what michael and i could become. the 21 years my mother spent buried in the back shed in the backyard, has played a starring role in many night terrors, where i wake up screaming. >> it was very difficult to write that impact statement. because it's been 21 years. and i know, we to really look back at our entire lives and realize the manipulation and deceit through all of this. >> reporter: jarrett's lawyer argued that he was a good father. but the judge disagreed, saying he was a monster, hiding behind the softness of human skin. >> i think he got it dead on. >> the defense was asking for less prison time and believes
6:17 pm
the judge's punishment was made for the wrong season. >> i think it's simply because the judge didn't sentence him for the crime. he sentenced him for the way she was disposed of. >> reporter: jarrett was led away. he will turn 89 if he serves his full sentence. robert jarrett's lawyer has already filed an appeal on his client's behalf. prince george's county police arrest a man for trafficking drugs. police searched his home in capitol heights and found 23 grams of marijuana, digital scales, a bulletproof vest and a loaded gun. officers also found $4800 in cash. information led police to a home on southern avenue, where owens was taken in custody. stranded in a massive fire. nearly a dozen aid workers
6:18 pm
trapped in africa. >> reporter: today, international flights did resume. puit still could take days for everyone to get home. >> a huge fire engulfed kenya's main airport on wednesday, forcing the suspension of international flights. several maryland aid workers were in all that chaos. >> they let us out on the tarmac. and basically, with only international terminal, which was completely in flames. >> katie price, an aid worker for catholic charities in baltimore, had just arrived. she was one of the passengers watching the fire grow. >> we just waited for hours and watched the airport up in flames. it was pretty incredible. incredible sight. the pilot announced that they learned the fuel line was underneath our plane, underneath the tarmac. so that they needed to move us right away. >> our heart skipped a beat, i'm sure.
6:19 pm
>> 23-year-old schneider's group was on the way to the nairobi airport when the fire broke out. jd's mom watched it all unfold back here in in maryland. >> my first thought was, who blew this up? they're still not saying if they know it was somebody or not. that's scary, too. >> all are now in limbo, hoping for a flight back home soon. >> at this point, they don't know when. but they're safe. they're happy. and they're just waiting. >> reporter: international flights are now back in the air. but many could be delayed for delays because of the backlog of departing flights. >> i'm still in nairobi. there were some flights that made it out today, mostly back to europe. i'm hoping for tomorrow. >> reporter: investigators say it's too early to know what started the fire. but they have ruled out terrorism. vic? >> mary, thank you. part of the investigation now includes first responders to the fire. tonight, they are accused of looting electronics and atms,
6:20 pm
during and after the blaze. a rare sight at the national zoo in washington. two sumatran tiger cubs were born yesterday. the mother, 4-year-old demai, appears to be healthy and is grooming and nursing the cubs. this is demai's first litter, sired by 12-year-old cavi. she is being closely monitored as you see, to allow her to bond with her babies. you can't see them at the zoo for a while, but you can watch the mother and cubs on web cam. which is what we're doing now. >> that is pretty cool. >> they're endangered. you won't see tigers, but you might see fish falling from the sky. pretty heavy rain around the area now. it's going to last a little longer. we'll talk about clearing. south winds at 10. barometer holding steady. come back and take a live look at radar after this. thank you, bob. as we have been showing you, it's a big day for the national aquarium, as the black-tipped reef opens officially. [ female announcer ] when you asked us to remove
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6:24 pm
cockeysville. that's what's heaviest now. heading up toward jacksonville and hairisville. still had showers in the region. it is weakening but moving off to the east and northeast. downtown, just light showers left. pretty much northeast baltimore to dundalk, essex, and middle river. and that's heading up to the north and northeast. at around 20 miles an hour. we have shower activity in the region. and some folks will still see more activity later tonight. there's still more developing out to the west. even though it may be quiet for several hours. we could still get some showers later tonight. maybe after 10:00, 11:00, as we saw last night. we saw some very heavy stuff move through. 76 here. 82. hasn't rained -- actually, it did rain in d.c., but it recovered with sunshine. 70 in oakland. dew point came down baitle bit. although it's still pretty high at 69 asking degrees. currently, in the area, if you have rain, you drop into the 70s. otherwise, still around the 80- degree mark.
6:25 pm
southerly winds keep this moisture flowing from the south and southeast off the atlantic ocean. off the gulf of mexico. big area of showers. big contrast. 100 degrees-plus in texas. lots of thunderstorm activity out there. west of us, still quite a bit of activity still to move through the region tonight. we still have risk tonight. and particularly tomorrow afternoon, as this front approaches. behind the front, there is dryer air. i think most of the area, from baltimore north, will get? dryer air. but not until late in the day on saturday and into sunday as well. southwest winds on the bay, 10 knots. bay temp, around 77. yeah, tonight, showers and storms. could see more activity later on. low of around 72 tomorrow. warm, humid, scattered showers and storms. some with a heavier downpour and gusty winds. with heavier thunderstorm tomorrow afternoon. looks like saturday afternoon. could see some dryer air moves in. pretty much in the city on north. southern section, probably more showers yet on saturday.
6:26 pm
>> thanks, bob. preparations are under way for a final goodbye to beloved former colt artie donovan. the funeral mass begins at 11:00 a.m. at cathedral. mary our queen. i'll never forget, in an airport in charlotte, north carolina, coming down the escalator, a crowd of people. ask they were all there to see artie donovan. amazing guy. >> he was a wonderful guy. still to come on wjz's eyewitness news. fast-moving flames. with evacuations under way. how many miles of land in california have already been claimed by a massive wildfire? it's time to shop and save. maryland tax-free week kicks off on sunday. i'm linh bui, details straight ahead on wjz. i'm jessica cartal yeah here in baltimore. at the brand-new, black-tipped reef exhibit. imagine being little mary bubala, and swimming with a 518- pound sea turtle. that's exactly what she does. and we'll show it to you,
6:27 pm
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it is 6:29. 76 degrees with some showers and storms. good evening, everyone. thanks for staying with wjz. here are some of the stories
6:30 pm
people are talking about tonight. as we have been telling you, storms are moving through the region right now. a live look outside. many of you are hearing thunder, seeing lightning. and there is some heavy rain in different areas. wjz is live with first warning weather coverage. meteorologist tim williams is in the mobile weather lab at the inner harbor. literally inside it right now. but first, bob turk is tracking live doppler radar. bob? >> the rain is beginning to wind down there at downtown. we have got heavy activity, north of the city now. around the phoenix, cockeysville, hereford area. and that's moving off to the northeast quickly. we have heavy showers in that region. there you see it. from parkton, down 83 to cockeysville. heavy rain, headed for jarrettsville, madonna, and northwestern sections of harford county. that can move in your area very shortly. just beginning to wind down. still heavy rain from towson, through the northeast sections of the city. from essex to the city on south and west. saw brightening in the sky.
6:31 pm
from glen burnie south, we've seen it. and as you can tell by looking at radar, the bulk of that activity has shifted to the north and northeast. but there's more out to the west. stay still see more shower activity moving into the region later tonight. and we're talking like 9k:00, 10:00, 11:00 tonight. like we saw. tim is live in the mobile weather lab. with a look at the updated hurricane look this season. definitely downtown. of course, weather has been active here. fortunately, while it feels tropical. it is not a tropical system moving through. giving an idea of what is going through here. just outside the national aquarium at the black tip reef. the storm has actually rolled through the region. we're starting to see some tapering of that activity. the rain is now tapering off. winds have died down. and we're starting to see some brightening of the skies right now. although we have had that rain in the last few minutes. taking a look at the current conditions right here. 75 degrees is the temperature. that is down from about 85 degrees, just about a half hour ago. the dew point is still pretty
6:32 pm
high, which is what fuels these storms. the dew point is now at 70. give its that tropical feel. and of course, we are talking about the tropics. because we are now in the heat of what is the tropical season for the atlantic hurricane season for the atlantic basin. the national oceanic and atmospheric association has released numbers saying this could be a 70% chance of above- normal season, with 13 to 19 named storms. six to nine of those could be hurricanes. and of those, three to five could be category 3 or higher, which makes them strong or severe storms, shisay. those are major storms with winds of 111 miles per hour or greater. we'll continue to keep you posted, of course, on that. we'll be monitoring the tropics from the wjz first warning weather team. and of course, down here. it looks like things are starting to improve. they may have a lot of activity going on down here. folks may be concerned. looks like 99 problems may be something they'll be dealing with. but weather won't be one for
6:33 pm
the storms. and the showers and concerts going on tonight. back to you on television hill. two attorneys are trying to back out of helping nidal hasan in his court-martial. they are ordered, however, by a judge to stay. monique griego has more. >> reporter: today, a judge ruled hassan'sa standby attorneys must continue to assist him as he acts as his own attorney. yesterday, the court-martial came to a halt when the lawyers asked to be pulled from the case. hassan admitted to being the shooter in fort hood in 2009 they say he is trying to get the death penalty and they will not help him be a martyr. they claim the judge is forcing them to vilit professional rules of conduct. >> thank you. hasan is facing 13 counts of premeditated murder. and could get the death penalty. attention shoppers, the
6:34 pm
maryland tax-free week kicks off this sunday. linh bui has more on howee can all save. >> retailers call it christmas in august. it is the second best biggest shopping week of the whole year. >> reporter: little madison needs new clothes. >> shoes. she loves shoes and bows. >> reporter: good timing for grandma. shop maryland tax-free week. clothing and shoes priced more. >> everyone should go and shop for their back-to-school clothes. because you can save $60, $70, $80 for a family that has a few kids. today, state comptroller, peter franchot joined retail leaders to stress the importance of tax-free week. >> last five years have been terrible for maryland families who have been hammered by this recession. everything is going up. all the prices are going up. this is a well-deserved break. >> many families need the relief and plan around this week. >> having our little guy now, and me not working right now, it's going to be a huge help.
6:35 pm
>> these are times that you know, it all adds up. >> reporter: stores usually add on their own sales in tax-free week. even attract shoppers from pennsylvania and delaware. >> on the only is it say way to save money. but also a win for the businesses. >> reporter: business usually goes up 25 to 45%. >> kids like to wear ravens stuff, especially on fridays to school. it's back-to-school time. it's really, really good for our business. >> and the comptroller got into the spirit. >> tax-free week ends august 17th. >> the state will lose about $5 million in tax revenue. but the comptroller says it is worth it to help families and businesses. >> and may make that up in slots in a couple of hours. thanks a lot, linh. for a full list of which items aren't taxable and which are, go to our website, it is the grand opening of
6:36 pm
the much-anticipated black tip reef exhibit. mary is live with more on one creature that often steals the show. calypso. mary? >> reporter: denise, that is right. the new exhibit is breathtaking. especially from under water. hiray chance to go in and go under and see the reef and calypso, up close. >> reporter: the salt water indo pacific reef is about to be invaded. >> the most important thing i needed to know when i got in is the sharks. they're not in yet. >> reporter: for now, it is just 4,000 pieces of artificial coral. a few, small tropical fish. calypso, the 500-pound sea turtle. and me, ready for underwater. >> hold my breath. come back up and blow out. >> reporter: along with snorkeling, we're going to dive under. and holly is my instructor and
6:37 pm
guide. >> as we go under today, what should we be looking for? >> i just sort of float around and be calm. then you get to see calypso, which is an added bonus. >> we're off and headed below the surface. it a rare, stunning, up-close view of what the great barrier reef would look like. and almost right away, we run swocalypso. the aquarium's beloved mascot. and i have an amazing encounter with this gentle giant. she seems at home already in her new surroundings, floating peacefully in the water. and not seeming to mind the company. calypso had a few days to just before the big fish joined her. >> the sharks aren't in yet. but when they get in the water, you'll still have divers come through here. >> yes. for our safety, we will feed them first thing in the morning from the surface. >> reporter: but below, as i dove in and said hello, visitors were getting a real sense of what it's like to be at sea level as glass bumps out
6:38 pm
into the water. bringing the beautiful replica coral into view, without having to get wet. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: again. i wasn't in there when the sharks were in there. getting to touch and see calypso in her habitat is definitely aplaying. diver -- amazing. divers go in on a daily basis. calypso seems to like the divers. i don't know about the sharks. but she likes us. >> people were watching you and waving at you as you swam around. >> they were wondering why i was waving at them. >> that's your second job. all right. thank you. calypso is sharing that giant tank now with 20 black- tipped sharks. for more on today's grand opening, make sure to go to and look for the many stories we have posted on the aquarium. time now for a quick look at some of the stories you'll find in the baltimore sun. celebrating the 30th anniversary of one of the first heart transplants performed at the hospital. analysis at the preseason opener against tampa bay. and 20 ways for you to observe
6:39 pm
the 20th anniversary of the otekon convention. for these stories stories and more, about to and look for updated from the first warning weather team. we now know who won the winning power jackpot. not just one person. one man is this man, paul white. he came forward to claim his, $149.4 million. others sold in new jersey. a ticket worth $1 million was sold at the dunkirk cash stop. >> i thought mine might be worth something. i went on the internet. nothing. not a penny. still to come on wjz eyewitness news. i'm tim williams, outside the new black tip reef exhibit. along with bob turk. we'll have your next five days in,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:40 pm
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mom... yes honey? dad told me that cheerios is good for your heart, is that true? says here that cheerios has whole grain oats that can help remove some cholesterol, and that's heart healthy. [ dad ] jan?
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baltimore city move toss spend $100 million to subsidize the development. >> political reporter pat warren says they failed to approve the deal last night.
6:43 pm
>> reporter: protestors tried to stop them from using $107 million to subsidize harbor development. >> we're sick and tired of empty promises to support on the backs of the citizens of baltimore. >> the council taxation committee heard the proposal. >> this committee has been pushed and cajoled and brow beat. >> reporter: a mixed use community here on what used to stand a chrome processing plant between fells point and harbor east. >> and generate on average. >> revenue increases from the current $244,000 to $19.6 million per year. increased property and other
6:44 pm
related taxes would net $589 million over 30 years. >> reporter: the proposal does meet some strong opposition. >> once you turn on the subsidy tap, it is very difficult to turn it back off. >> it's challenging to build in baltimore. you don't see cranes all over the place. >> reporter: developer michael beatty is promising to include $3 million in low-income housing. >> we voluntarily agreed with housing to fund this because we think it's the right thing to do, and it's the max we're able to do. >> reporter: the proposal passed, 3-0. councilman stokes walked out on the vote. pat warren, wjz eyewitness news. >> and the fill council could vote monday. >> a southern california wildfire critically injures one person and injures four firefighters as it doubles in size. the flames have charred at least 10,000 acres. fire officials say at least two suffered minor injuries. the conditions of the other two firefighters is unknown.
6:45 pm
one also suffered significant burns. these have been forced from their homes. the cause of that fire is under investigation. well, still to come -- here are tonight's closing numbers bring your dog to work day. not our best idea. [ dog barks ] ooh. it was a nice thought. [ male announcer ] some business decisions are better than others. the best decision is switching to verizon. choose verizon fios for 100% fiber optic fast internet and business class phone, both with 99.9% network reliability. all for just $99.99 a month with a two year price guarantee.
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welcome back, everyone. jessica kartalija, here at the national aquarium. i want to remind you, it is members night here. and i want you to come out and check the black reef tip exhibit. for more on the weather forecast, meteorologist tim williams is standing by live outside, with wjz's mobile weather lab. but first, we're going to send it inside to bob. we had the rain move through the region. it's now cleared the city for the most part. up to the north/northeast around harford county. moving quickly out towards northeastern sections. from madonna toward delta. that's where it's headed. from the city on south and west, it has pretty much cleared out. tim is live downtown. with a look at tomorrow's forecast. tim? >> reporter: well, folks are finally starting to come out. it's starting to clear out. then here, as bob mentioned, timing is everything. those showers are moving on through. could see another round tomorrow. we start tomorrow in the low
6:49 pm
70s. we'll go up to a daytime high in the mid-80s. again, showers potentially through the afternoon, back down into the 70s again for tomorrow night. folks coming down here, expecting to see justin timberlake and jay z. i think they were a little confused. but they are going out to the concert now. for the next five days, sending it in to bob. >> tim, you can come out now. it's okay. 87. showers and storms tomorrow. could be heavy downpours, flooding areas. possibly tomorrow. 88, looks like saturday afternoon, we begin to dry out. warm up a little bit. down in the 60s. so it gets a little dryer. looks like a pretty decent day on sunday. but monday and tuesday, slight chance of a scattered shower or thundershower, each and every afternoon. monday, tuesday, into early income week, actually. for the beach, looks like a lot of sun tomorrow. maybe a shower. but the best chance comes on saturday. and maybe still a risk on sunday. temperatures around 80 or 81, 82. water temperature, at around 71
6:50 pm
degrees. denise and vic? >> okay. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
i drive. i drive. i drive wherever my best friend wants to go. i drive, just to drive. she drives until i pass my driving test. i belong to bp driver rewards. a new rewards program for people who drive. it's easy to join. i save on quality bp gasoline. just by using bp gasoline. then i keep on saving. that's what i'm going to do. i drive. i drive. i drive. i don't drive. i ride. pick up a brochure at bp and join bp driver rewards. you can save ten cents per gallon on your first fill-up. super bowl champions. and most of the conversation about this year's ravens team is less about who they are and more about who they are not. so many of the starters from the championship team are gone. the quarterback is back. joe flacco has the super bowl
6:53 pm
ring and a new mega millions contract. but he'll be throwing passes to some unfamiliar receivers, counting on guys like newly acquired visan shenko and untested. and tight end dennis pitta is out with a hip injury. >> you love those guys when they're here. and it's pretty easy to realize the fact that they're not here. what are you going to do about it? you gotta move on. and like i said, we've got a lot of talented players out there. i think we feel really good about what we have to do. and we're just excited to do it. >> he expects to see flacco in tampa bay tonight. but backup tirod taylor. flacco told me, he's looking forward to getting hit in a game. the ravens would rather he not in a game that doesn't count. kickoff coming up at 7:30. it is a day of rest for the baseball birds. orioles have flown from san diego to san francisco after
6:54 pm
they won two from the padres. they're going to open a weekend series with the giants in san francisco tomorrow night. now, the giants won the world series last year. but their world has since collapsed. they're in last place. and the o's will try to keep them there. former orioles mark reynolds was out of a job. he was designated for assignment today by the cleveland indians. he was under a one-year contract for $6 million. had a hot start. but then reynolds has struggled to the part they let him go. he hit 60 home runs in his time here. speculation abounds now about the o's maybe bringing reynolds back as a designated hitter. he did help the o's break a 14- year play-off drought last season. tiger woods hasn't enjoyed a major golf round. enjoying a round in the pga championship near rochester, new york. woods birdied this hole but had two birdies and finished pretty poorly. here, double bogey on the final hole. tiger woods, first round of the
6:55 pm
pga round championship. one over par 71. that is six shots behind the leader. jim furyk here with a 40-foot birdie putt on the hole. part of 5 under par 65 for furyk. tied for top spot, whose day ended after 10 rolls. about half the field yet to finish that first round. and there's rain, we hear as well, down at tampa bay. so we'll see how that affects the ravens tonight. >> they'll play it through. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:56 pm
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
in denia, spain, a woman sets a new record. she gave birth to a 13.6 pound baby girl. maria is the largest baby ever born naturally in that country. the newborn's 40-year-old mother knew she was having a big baby. but she had no idea it would be that big. maria weighs twice as much as the average baby in spain. >> and her first meal is steak and potatoes. that's it for us tonight. back at 11:00. i'm denise koch. >> don't go away. much more ahead on the cbs >> o'donnell: tonight, fire fight in southern california.
6:59 pm
an army of firefighters is battling a fast-moving wildfire threatening hundreds of homes. ben tracy is on the scene. in the nation's mid-section the dangerous flooding brought on by torrential rain. at least two are dead, others had to be rescued. the federal government is looking into a series of fatal shootings by philadelphia police. elaine quijano tells us the investigation was requested by the police commissioner. >> i take this very, very seriously. >> good girl! >> reporter: and chip reid with s with dogs learning to be an even better friend to man. >> it would be accurate to say that these dogs save sflooifs >> absolutely. i believe they do. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> o'donnell: good evening, scott is on assignment, i'm norah o'donnell. hundreds of people in southern california have been chased out

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